Who we are

Genomic Diagnostics is the nationally coordinated genetic testing service for Specialist Diagnostic Services, also known as SDS Pathology. We are also the trusted partner of a number of federal and state government departments, including large public teaching hospitals and the Department of Immigration.

Our paternity testing lab is used by more solicitors and legal aid departments than any other laboratory in Australia. They trust us because of our credentials and our meticulous scientific approach. We can be relied upon to deliver results accurately and on time.

We’ve held our Australian Government NATA accreditation continuously for over 14 years, longer than most DNA testing organisations. Our team of eminent medical and scientific experts includes some of the most experienced senior geneticists in the country. We co-ordinate our testing nationally through our pathology labs to bring you the best possible results.


One of Australia’s longest running DNA testing organisations.

Our team of specialists test more people every year than anyone else in the country. In fact, patients and their referring GPs can expect the following premium service from Genomics Diagnostics:

Your sample stays in Australia.

We do not outsource testing to foreign labs. Your DNA sample is tested right here in Australia (unless otherwise specifically stated), to the highest local standards.

Highly accredited.

Genomics Diagnostics is the only DNA laboratory that’s held the Australian Government’s NATA accreditation consistently for the past 14 years.

Faster, encrypted results for added privacy.

Our patients’ privacy and autonomy is very important to us. In fact, we are the only DNA organisation in Australia to offer results by encrypted email as well as post. This means you receive results quicker. In urgent cases, we can turn results around in as little as a day. If you provide us with your email address and properly collected samples, we’ll email you a report in less than 10 working days from receiving your samples.

Depth of experience.

Genetic testing is specialised and complex, and requiring significant involvement from expert pathologists and scientists. We have a state of the art laboratory and the most highly trained medical and scientific staff, many of whom are published experts and members of the top professional bodies in genetic testing and interpretation.

Friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care team.

Our customer care team specialise in taking enquiries for both medical genetic testing and non-medical paternity and forensic work. With extensive experience in the field, they’re on hand to provide you with the right advice, or direct your enquiry, based on your own circumstances and requirements.

To speak with our Customer Care Team today, call 1800 822 999 Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm (EST) or email us on info@genomicdiagnostics.com.au.

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