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We provide a variety of DNA tests to help establish or disprove biological relationships. They can range from finding long lost siblings to establishing paternity. Some are done for Peace of Mind, others are required by the court or for Immigration purposes.

If you are unsure exactly what test is the right one for your circumstances, please call our Customer Care Team on 1800 822 999. They are very experienced in supporting you to chose the right pathway.



Peace of Mind is an affordable option to determine parentage by DNA testing when you don’t need a report for legal purposes, such as court proceedings and Births, Deaths and Marriages. This testing is performed just like our legal tests except the samples are self-collected and haven’t been witnessed by an independent third party. Payment can occur upfront at our shop and we will send you the kit to collect your mouth swab sample at home. Alternatively, you can call us to request a kit and we will ask for payment when we receive the samples back in the laboratory.

Local testing means fast turnaround times for your sample.

Call our experienced Customer Care Team on 1800 822 999 for more information.

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Our NATA accredited paternity DNA tests are approved for legal purposes such as family law cases (child support, child protection and custody investigations) and are accepted by Births, Deaths and Marriages for changing birth certificates. Mouth swab samples will be taken by a collector organised for you by our Customer Care Team at no extra charge. We will also help to ensure your paperwork complies with all legal requirements.

Call our experienced Customer Care Team on 1800 822 999 to organise your testing.

If you’re applying for an Australian Visa or Citizenship, DNA testing is considered reliable evidence of a claimed biological relationship. You may be asked by the Department of Home Affairs in a Letter of Offer to prove a biological relationship by DNA testing.

We work with Embassies and consulates around the world to make sure we get the samples we need without delays to your application. Best of all, we work with immigration specialists working for us who understand the requirements and know that this can be an emotionally stressful process.

Our experienced Customer Care Team will support you through this process to ensure you have all the correct paperwork for your application.

Call our experienced Customer Care Team on 1800 822 999 to organise your testing.

This test determines whether two or more people are biologically related by using DNA comparisons. A range of relationships can be tested (e.g. full/half sibling, grandparents/grandchildren, twins, aunts/uncles and niece/nephew). This testing is ideal if you are tracing long lost relatives and want to determine if someone is related to you. We also offer DNA Y-chromosome testing when this will help determine paternal biological relationships (males only).

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Finding the rightful heirs to an estate can be a challenge. But if you believe you’re entitled to an inheritance, this test will help you establish whether you are related to the person who has passed away. 

The testing required differs from case to case and depends on individual circumstances.

To find out what you need, talk to our experienced Customer Care Team on 1800 822 999 who can organise challenging collections from mortuaries and funeral parlours during these difficult times.

This test is designed for mothers who want to know who the father is before their baby is born. It can be taken any time in the first trimester and results are usually back within 10 working days. Normally, DNA samples are taken with a simple cheek swab. With an unborn baby, it’s obviously a little more complicated. A medical specialist takes samples from one of two places: the amniotic fluid (amniocentesis) or the surface of the placenta (CVS).

Are there any risks?

Whenever samples are taken from the amniotic fluid or the placenta (for DNA or another purpose), there is a risk of miscarriage. We recommend you talk with your doctor/obstetrician before ordering the test.
All prenatal testing is fast-tracked with results available within five business days.
The price of this test depends on individual circumstances. For a quote, please call us on 1800 822 999 or email us

A DNA profile is like a fingerprint – it’s unique to you and the best way of confirming your identity in the future.

This is usually performed as a verified legal test, so it can be used for

  • Estate planning to avoid disputes
  • If you work in a high risk profession where you may need to be identified after death

Call our experienced customer care team on 1800 822 999 to organise your testing.