My Tests

There are increasing applications in genetic testing as technology improves and so does our understanding of the human genome. It was not that long ago that it took 13 years to sequence the first human genome and one billion dollars. Today it can be done in just one day and for less than $1000. Whilst we are now using genetics to improve diagnostics, medicine and clinical practice, it is predicted that before too long that doctors will tailor treatment for many diseases on the basis of an individual’s genomics information, the field of personalised medicine.

There are particular genetic tests where we have a great deal of experience and which are requested frequently, particularly if you are pregnant or looking to start a family. If the results are unexpected there are clear options to discuss and consider and pathways you can follow based on these choices. We have put together specific information and brochures for you, to help you to understand the tests and their results more clearly. Please take this information to your doctor to discuss and arrange a referral form if you wish to proceed with a test. Genetic testing is a complex field, your doctor is best placed to understand the full picture of your health.